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Monday, September 20, 2010

Locke and Linus in non-"LOST" show?

John Locke and Ben Linus back together in a primetime show? Holy Smoke Monster!

New York Magazine is reporting that J.J. Abrams (who brought you "Lost") is working on developing a show that would put Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson together again "playing former black-ops agents." The description from New York Magazine says they will be playing suburban hit men, and us "Lost" fans know those are characters O'Quinn and Emerson can convincingly portray.

I'm already more excited about this show than my supposed "Lost" replacement "The Event," which I think just doesn't look that exciting (though the boyfriend is DVRing it tonight).

I don't know how O'Quinn and Emerson will fare together in a non-"Lost" environment, but I'm sure some of the chemistry they created as John Locke/Man in Black/Smoke Monster and Ben Linus will carry over into any other project they tackle. The two men who were both nominated for best supporting actor in a drama series for the 2010 Emmys surely have the talent to make "Odd Jobs" (the working title of this series in development) a success. What would hurt this show the most, though, is "Lost" fans who want to see the actors in their Island personas and being disappointed and disinterested after seeing that's not the case.

-- Cheryl Sadler

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