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Monday, September 20, 2010

Confessions of a 20-something GLEEK

Hi, my name is Danielle, and I am a Gleek.
I’m not afraid to admit it, either. I love “Glee.” It’s one of two shows--the other is “House”-I make sure to catch on Hulu as soon as they become available since I miss them because of my work schedule. I listen to the soundtrack-and pretend to have enough vocal talent to sing along-while jogging, cleaning, and on long road trips. Who am I kidding, I’ll even listen to the soundtrack on short road trips, like on my 10 minute drive to work. I’ve been counting down the days until the premiere of Season 2 Tuesday.
I can’t wait.
I know I’m not alone. Considering the acclaim the show has received since its debut, having been nominated for 42 awards and winning 13 (including four Emmys and a Golden Globe!) for its first season according to imdb, nobody can deny the show is a hit. And with good reason.
Not only does the show feature amazing musical arrangements, hilarious dialogue and an amazing cast of young, talented actors, but it calls attention to some more serious issues as well.
There’s Kurt Hummel, the gay student who is not only struggling with his crush on football-hunk-turned-singing-sensation Finn Hudson, but is also trying to maintain a healthy relationship with his father (Mike O’Malley in what is possibly his most amazing role ever as Burt Hummel) and is dealing with his father’s relationship with Finn’s mother.
There’s Artie Abrams, the only disabled member of the glee club, who dreams of someday being a dancer even though he is confined to a wheel chair.
There is Quinn Fabray, the cheerleader-turned-ostracized-teen-mom who was disowned by her conservative father after she became pregnant.
And even self-obsessed star-wannabe Rachel Berry, who discovers her mother is the coach of the glee club’s rival show choir and wants nothing more but to cultivate a relationship with her even though it’s seemingly too late, is not able to avoid a heart-wrenching moment or two between scenes of her annoyingly charming and over the top attitude (and, let’s face it, her stand-out vocal abilities that make me wish I was more musically gifted).
This upcoming season promises more of what gleeks have come to expect and adore about the show: namely big musical numbers and amazing guest stars (John Stamos-as the love interest of the CUTEST guidance counselor IN THE WORLD, Emma Pillsbury—and Britney Spears, to name a few). Oh, and don't forget the absolutely hilarious dialogue from Sue Sylvester.
Other things to look forward to (Caution: Spoilers ahead!)
  • A new foreign exchange student, Sunshine, will join the club and act as Rachel's rival.
  • There will be a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.
  • Finn and Rachel will be in a relationship for the entire season.
  • Nationals this year will be in New York. And, it goes without saying that we wouldn't even know that if we weren't rather confident the McKinley High glee club was going to make it that far in the year's competitions!
  • Sue is getting a new rival in the form of a female football coach.
I'm pretty darn excited for the start of season 2, folks. The season starts Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Fox with an episode titled "Audition."

Anybody else out there as big of a gleek as I am?

-Danielle Capriato

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