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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You're calling it, WHAT, Apple?

How crazy has the world revolving the launch of a new Apple product become? How nuts am I now about these things.

This nuts: I'm bothered -- actually ANNOYED -- over the name of the new iPad.

What's the name? That's it: the new iPad.

Not the iPad 3 as we thought it would be for so long. Not the iPad HD "confirmed" by a number of tech sites in recent days -- and, for the record, a moniker I though made a lot of sense.

After all, the new iPad, as expected, boasts a so-called Retina Display, Apple's branding for it version of a high-definition display. Already on recent models of the iPhone and iPod Touch, a Retina Display means the human eye can see the individual pixels at a distances of 10 inches or so.

 Above is an Apple press image showing the new iPad running the new iPhoto app.

The Retina Display on my iPhone 4 is beautiful, and as soon as I see the RD iPad, I'm going to look with disgust at my iPad 2. (Not with enough disgust to throw hundreds of dollars at the problem, but disgust nonetheless.)

The pricier versions new iPad also will support high-speed LTE data networks, and all the new tablets will have a more powerful graphics processor -- needed to make things like games look great on that super display. Oh, and the battery? You're still going to get nine to 10 hours of battery life despite the power-sucking nature of the RD. (Might explain why the new iPad is a tiny bit heavier and thicker than it's predecessor.)

All in all, it's a nice update. But, seriously, simply iPad? Come on, Apple, you could have done better. You'll regret this ... when you're selling millions and millions of these things, beginning March 16.

Yeah, well, I'm still weirdly annoyed. If you're not to annoyed to watch Apple's promotional video, check it out, courtesy of my favorite tech site, The Verge:

-- Mark Meszoros | | @nhfeatures

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