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Monday, February 13, 2012

People who know how to use the Internet don't know who Paul McCartney is

(Editor's note: A lot of the links below link to Internet comments, which tend to contain foul language and poor grammar. Click at your own risk.)

I was going to blog about all of the people who took to social media to ask who is Bonnie Bear, after Bon Iver won Best New Artist at last night's Grammy Awards, spurring the same outrage as Arcade Fire (Who is Arcade Fire??!!?) after the group won Album of the Year at last year's Grammy Awards. But then I came across something much, much worse than fans of pop music complaining because they don't know the talented indie act that beat their favorite rapper for the gold gramophone.

Who is Paul McCartney?!

Associated Press
Yes, people who were watching the Grammy Awards last night -- and therefore are presumably fans of music -- complained about the old guy rocking on stage. They wondered if he was Jesse McCartney's father. They said the song he played sucks.

So many people were asking about him on Twitter that Who is Paul McCartney is a trending topic.

This is your future, America. Please teach your children about The Beatles.

That's probably not the worst thing that's been said on social media. The tweet below pretty well sums up my feelings:

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