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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lights go out on FX boxing drama

Fans of FX's venture into the seedy world of boxing, "Lights Out," had to be disappointed when the network showed its final episode of the drama this week.

"Lights Out" lasted just one season, but the finale was awesome. Former heavyweight champion Patrick "Lights" Leary reclaimed his belt by knocking out the reigning champ "Death Row" Reynolds, a scene that had me pumping my fist, and hooping and hollering.

Actor Holt McCallany, who played Leary, deserved a better fate than what FX threw at him. McCallany is talented and will land on his feet. The actor carried the show, and showed great presence as an actor and as a boxer in the ring.

I wonder what FX could have done with a second season of "Lights Out" since the ending of the only season was so stunning.

Moments after winning the heavyweight title, Leary is preparing himself for his news conference and his new life as the champ, or so we think. He appears disoriented and lost in the corridor of the arena before his wife tracks him down to take Leary to talk to the media.

A punchy Leary, however, is the one asking a question. "Who won the fight?" Leary asks his startled wife.

Talk about a punch to the gut no one saw coming. The dementia mentioned earlier in the season has caught up with "Lights," so the question is, did he really win? Yes, he won the fight, but at what price? We'll never know.

That was it. End of story. End of "Lights Out."

- Mark Podolski


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