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Monday, April 4, 2011

A "Hop" and a skip to the movies

Sunday marked a fun day for my family as my wife and I took our 2-year-old son, Samson, to his first visit to the movie theater.

We saw the Easter bunny movie, "Hop." Here's a breakdown of our day.

Noon: I ask Sam if he's excited. "Go to movie, daddy," he said.

12:30 (as my wife drags to get ready): "Daddddy, go to movieee!!!"

1:05: We're settled in our seats. Sam: "Want popcorn."

1:10: Sam has his popcorn, and he's munching away.

1:20: Sam takes his shoes and socks off and lounges back in his seat. The king is in full relax mode.

130: Sam: "Go home, go play."

1:40: Sam begins throwing popcorn at mom, who is not pleased. I think Sam woke her up.

2:05: Popcorn is flying everywhere, except in Sam's mouth.

2:11: Sam throws his sippy cup into the row in front of us. Daddy's cell phone becomes a flash light while searching for said cup.

2:15: Sam begins swimming in popcorn on the ground. My wife and I look at each. "Bath tonight."

2:25: Sam begins talking really loud.

2:35: The film's climatic scene has the audience riveted (well, maybe some of the children in theater). Sam really doesn't seem all that thrilled.

2:40: The movie's over and I ask Sam if he liked it. "Like bunnies. Like chickens."

By the way, "Hop" is awful, but your kids will love it.

- Mark Podolski


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