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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking Back Sunday release new song “El Paso”

“You fools all look the same”

On Sept. 10, 2009, I posted the below in a blog:

“Taking Back Sunday and Brand New have been my two favorite bands throughout the past decade. They’ve both released albums this year (in 2009), both of them — again, upon first listen — I found disappointing. However, the difference between the two bands is, Taking Back Sunday went towards a more mainstream and traditional approach during their song writing, so the album came off as what it is, bland. They took the easy route. Brand New took a huge risk with this album and once again tried to not duplicate anything they’ve ever done before, which is what music should be about.”

Good God, I stand corrected.

As I’ve said multiple times, it’s impossible not to relate Taking Back Sunday with Brand New. They’re from the same city, came out around the same time and for most of the members, they're ex-friends. But over the years their styles have drifted apart immensely, with Brand New becoming more experimental throughout their four releases and TBS going, as I mentioned in the 2009 blog, the easy route, where pretty much all of their albums sound very similar.

Last April, TBS announced they were going back to their original line-up which multiplied any anticipation for a new album by the dozens. Fan were hoping for a return to their debut 2002 record, Tell All Your Friends.

Yesterday, the band released the first song off their upcoming album which is slated to be released sometime this summer and not only does it sound nothing like anything from Tell All Your Friends, it sounds like nothing the band has ever done before.

It’s by far the heaviest song they’ve ever written and it's not even close. I had the same reaction hearing this song as when I heard the opening track to Brand New’s “Vices” off Daisy, which is the heaviest song Brand New ever wrote. I got the “where did this come from?” feeling and my ears felt somewhat assaulted.

It seems as if “El Paso” is a warning to anyone who thinks TBS is going to re-create the same songs they did back in 2002, or any other year for that matter. There is a reason why they released this song first.

I’m not saying I love the song, because honestly, I still don’t know what to think as I’m still kind of shocked by it, but I admire their attempt to bring something new to the table and to be a little bit different.

By Nick Carrabine


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