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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

'Lost' in time

I can’t believe it was back in February that I was blogging about the season premiere of “Lost.”
Man, the time sure has traveled.
If you’ve stuck with “Lost” — ABC’s mind-bending series about life on (and off) a mysterious, very tough-to-find Island — through this, it’s fifth season, you know what I’m talking about. The season, its second-to-last, has bet big on time travel. Several characters skipped repeatedly through time, landing in the 1970s with the much-talked about DHARMA Initiative. Bet you didn’t see THAT coming.
Wednesday brings the two-hour season finale. There may be a few answers. There certainly will be more than a few questions.
No show ends a season with more flair and cliffhangdom (technical term) that “Lost.”
Will anyone die?
Will we see Claire?
Will we, at long last, meet Jacob?
Will the bomb be detonated?
If it is, will that alter history?
I can’t tell you much about the finale, but I would guess it’s a Jack flashback. The photo above, made available by ABC, shows Jack in an operating room with his late dad, Christian, to the far right. (But, as you Losties know, we’ve seen Christian plenty of times on the island, so who knows.)
While the ABC’s press release for the finale makes no mention of an actor playing Jacob — such casting was recently rumored, however — nor an appearance by Emilie de Ravin (Claire), my guess is we’ll see both.
What does the press release tell us? That actors were cast as young Sawyer, young Kate and young Juliette. Interesting, no?
Oh, we should learn what the heck Bernard and Rose have been up to this season. It will be good to see them, to be sure.
It’s sad that the show is going away again for many, many months.
It’s sadder that after we will get only 16 episodes of this show that falls somewhere between work of art and guilty pleasure.
It’s sadder still that, due circumstances largely beyond my control, I won’t be able to watch the finale until Thursday night.
Spoil anything for me before that and risk me going all Sayid on you.

— Mark Meszoros



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