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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

24: Exciting end game ahead

Around 10:15 last night, I got a text message from my sister:


Translation: “Tonight’s ‘24’ was awesome!” (It’s become generally accepted between the two of us that any texting done around 10 on Monday nights is going to be “24”-related.) I was over my buddy’s house getting rolled in yet another 3-point contest on “NBA Live 09,” so my dose of “24” was on hold for a couple hours.
Figuring that my sister never leads me astray on these matters, though, I made sure to watch last night’s show before bed. Good move, indeed.

* SPOILER ALERT: Discussion of Monday’s plot ahead *

- GREAT, old-school “24” writing last night, capped off by Tony going back to the dark side in a turn I did NOT see coming. For all intents and purposes, this season has been divided into four parts based around different villains: Col. Dubaku, General Juma, Jonas Hodges (and, wow, does Jon Voight play a great jerk, or what?) and now Tony Almeida. Given the amount of hype before the season about Tony returning from the dead as a bad guy, we probably should have expected his brief heel run at the start of the season wasn’t going to be enough. Now, it all comes back full circle, with Tony being a bad dude, after all. This pretty much has to end with Jack putting a bullet in Tony’s head, making good on the promise he delivered at the beginning (“I will shoot you, and this time you will STAY dead!”).

- We all should have seen Larry Moss’ death coming from a mile away. Any time a grumpy, by-the-book, stickler-for-rules authority figure decides to finally take off the gloves and start fighting dirty, he’s pretty much a goner. It happened to George Mason (no, not THAT George Mason, THIS George Mason) in Season 2, Ryan Chappelle in Season 3 and even Senator Mayer earlier this season. So when Larry went along with a directive to attack Starkwood without a direct order from the president, that should have set off alarm bells for longtime “24” fans.

- Of course, the question now is if Tony is in league with the bad guys, why did he blow up 13 missiles at Starkwood or even tip Jack off to this whole thing in the first place? Maybe he’s still a lone wolf looking to get back at the government for the way he was treated the last few years? Whatever the reason, all I know is that we need to get Jack back up to full health so that he can give us the epic Bauer-Almeida showdown at the end of the day that we’ve all been waiting to see.

- In the meantime, you can enjoy this L.A. Times interview with Carlos Bernard, who plays Tony. Don’t get your hopes up for too much dirt, though. Bernard is almost as tough to interrogate as his “24” character.

- Tom Valentino /


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