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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Sega, where have you been!?!?

I've found my cure for the video-game blues.
The blues as in, "I can't justify paying hundreds of dollars for PlayStation 3."
I simply dusted off my old Sega Genesis.
Let the Sega-fest begin!
The fact that I still own a Sega Genesis is amazing in itself. While re-arranging the junk in my basement, I stumbled across a box labeled, "Sega Genesis." In it was NHL 94 by EA Sports.
Talk about Christmas in March!
I felt as though I was Indiana Jones unearthing a priceless treasure. Didn't know I still had it. In a way, I feel like I've abandoned an old friend for years.
Yes, I have deep feelings for my Sega Genesis. Don't understand? Ask any guy who went to college in the early to mid 1990s.
Before there was PlayStation 3 or XBox, there was the Sega Genesis. If you were addicted to sports video games, you owned a Sega Genesis.
My game of choice? NHL 94, possibly the greatest sports video game ever created.
There's a Web site - - devoted to the game. It's that good.
Can't explain it. Kids, play it just once. It' s addictive, and still holds its own today.
Ask your dad, uncle, teacher or coach. Chances are decent one of them probably played a Sega Genesis sports video game, perhaps even NHL 94.
The legend continues.
- Mark Podolski


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