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Friday, March 6, 2009

Carolla aces first week on iTunes

"The Ace Man" - as Adam Carolla is known by his massive fanbase - is currently out of work, but don't feel too bad for one of the funniest entertainers out there.

Carolla, who made a name for himself as a co-host of the radio call-in show "Loveline," a co-creator of "The Man Show" with Jimmy Kimmel and a co-creator of "Crank Yankers," spent the past five years in radio as the host of his own show, "The Adam Carolla Show" in Los Angeles.

On Feb. 20, Carolla broadcasted his final show on KLSX, a CBS affiliate that decided to change formats, leaving Carolla without a job, but not a paycheck. Carolla said he will be paid the remainder of his contract, which has 10 months left, as long as he does not take another job.

So, in the meantime, Carolla is podcasting on his Web site - - and the results have been astounding. Carolla said hits for his podcasts, which began Feb. 23, have reached a million per episode. The podcast is currently the No. 1 podcast on iTunes.

Why is it No. 1? It's simple. Carolla is damn funny. His unique voice and regular-guy view of life is relatable to everyone. He's the common man's voice for every man - with an edge.

His new podcast has attracted the likes of comedian David Allen Grier and ESPN's "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons. Carolla says he wants to conduct the podcast with the feel he's in his bathrobe sipping on a glass of wine. Mission accomplished.

It's uncertain what project Carolla will be undertaking 10 months from now - he says he has a TV show in the works - but this much is certain: The Adam Carolla Podcast, available on iTunes, is must-listen podcasting.

-- Mark Podolski


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