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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kate or Juliet? Oh, Sawyer, what to do ...

The season finale of "Lost" is Wednesday night and if you're a fan of the once-immensely popular, once-dead-in-the-water, now immensely-popular-again show, you're looking for answers.

Will Jack blow up the Island? What's in Hurley guitar case? Will Locke kill Jacob?

As a guy, though, I'm most interested in Sawyer's dilemma. Kate or Juliet? Well, one thing is for sure: The poor guy can't shake Kate, who returned to Island this season along with Jack and others, and in the process created the mother of all love triangles.

Sawyer and Kate once had a thing before Sawyer hooked up with Juliet. Surely, Sawyer figured he would never see Kate again, since he was stuck in 1977 and Kate in present day. When they were together, Sawyer had a nickname for Kate, "Freckles." When Sawyer called Kate that in front of Juliet in an episode this season, the death stare Juliet gave her now DHARMA-era boyfriend was priceless.

Which sets up Wednesday's season finale. In case you missed last week's episode, Sawyer is intent on staying with Juliet. At the conclusion of the episode, Sawyer and Juliet are on a sub preparing to depart for Ann Arbor, Mich. Their future is well ahead of them. They profess their love for each other - then BAM! - here comes Kate, who's hitching a ride to Ann Arbor as well. It's easy wondering what's going through Juliet's mind. In Kate's? Who knows.

Either way, it has to be tough being Sawyer. Two hotties fighting for your affection. Yeah, really tough.

(P.S. If it were me, I'd pick Juliet in a heartbeat. Both are smokin' hot, but Juliet would be a much better choice for the long haul. Kate's a bit of a wild girl and would be plenty of fun, but that would likely wear off after a few years. She has divorce written all over her.)

- Mark Podolski


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