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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It will be a dark night

I can’t say I was surprised. No Oscar nod Thursday for “The Dark Knight,” which most likely will be my top film of 2008 (I have a few left to see).

My next favorite film -- a movie I’d love to see win best picture Feb. 22 – “Frost/Nixon” was nominated. But you have to see this as a two-horse race between “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which garnered the most nominations (13) and Golden Globe winner “Slumdog Millionaire.” Both are solid but overrated films.
Although “The Dark Knight” – director Christopher Nolan’s brilliant sequel to “Batman Begins” -- did not receive even a nomination for a Golden Globe for best drama film, the Batman buzz seemed to be building. But, alas, the only important nomination was its lock: best supporting actor for the late Heath Ledger. He’ll win, and he deserves to.

But the movie is deserving, too. There was one, maybe two best picture nods up for grabs, assuming the aforementioned three films would be selected. I’m glad “Milk” was nominated – I thought it was excellent – but I was surprised “The Reader” scored one. I saw it this weekend, and it’s good – but it left me wanting quite a bit more. At least for me, the emotional impact wasn’t there, despite very good performances and direction.

This group of contenders gives the average movie fan more ammunition for criticism. The Oscar voters typically ignore the biggest hits of the year, and most years I have no problem with that. The biggest movie and the best movie are usually two different things.

It just happens to be that this year they are not.

-Mark Meszoros


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