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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting lost in all the excitement

The buzz remains in the air.

This has been a monumental few days for our country. No, make that our world.

The faithful knew this day would come, but others weren’t so sure.

Yes, the 12th and final cylon has been revealed!

I speak, of course, about the big revelation during Friday night’s return of “Battlestar Galactica” to Sci Fi channel. (What, you thought I was referring to something else?)

Those who still plan to watch the episode, “Sometimes a Great Notion,” should stop reading now.

The last of the 12 cylon models – the much speculated-about fifth of “the final five” – was … Ellen Tigh? Really??
At first this struck me as a cheat. Surely, this last human-looking robot would be revealed to be a major player – Admiral William Adama, President Laura Roslin, Gaius Baltar or Kara “Starbuck” Thrace – not the late wife of Executive Officer Saul Tigh, previously revealed to be one of the final five. But you know what? It makes sense – at least as much sense as anything in the bizarre mythology of this show is ever going to make sense.

Truth be told, I’ve gone from being a very big, very dorky “Galactica” fan to a less-intense (yet still fairly dorky) fan. Although I’ve always liked science fiction, I think the show was better in the early days, when it was powered by the conflict among the members of what remained of the human population as they drifted through space trying to find a home before they were totally obliterated by their former robot servants. Someone coined it “ ‘The West Wing’ in space,” and I loved it. But as the seasons dragged on, the show became more about silly prophesies and human-cylon hybrids spending their days, for some reasons, in bath tubs.

The show was still better than most things on TV, but I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to still care after the fleet and cylons finally made it to the fabled Earth -- only to find it a nuclear wasteland -- in the mid-season finale months ago. Well, this recent, mostly outstanding episode has rekindled my interest for the series’ last stretch of shows. (Sadly, I do need to know just what the deal is with the resurrected Starbuck. If she isn’t a cylon, what is she?)

All kidding aside, though, I do want to take a moment to address what’s really exciting about this week, the reason so many of us have been distracted and barely able to sleep of late. Yes, “Lost” returns tonight to ABC. Look for my thoughts on the two-hour premiere in the coming days.

- Mark Meszoros


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