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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nick's picks: Most anticipated part one

"Tuned Into Pop Culture" guest contributor Nick Carrabine is a News-Herald staff writer.

This will be a two-part series of most anticipated albums and movies (in my opinion, of course) that are scheduled to be released in 2009.

Part one will focus on albums in alphabetical order:

Brand New, currently untitled
-One of the more underrated bands who released arguably one of my top 10 favorite albums (in about a 600 album collection) in 2003 with “Deja Entendu.” Their follow-up in 2006, “The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me” wasn’t as great, but new material is certainly welcome.
Release Date; Unknown

Dr. Dre, “Detox”
-The doctor is pulling his best Axl Rose impression by promising this album each year for almost the past decade. This may finally be the year it sees the light of day, reportedly. If it does, it’ll be months after Rose finally released Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” last November after 14 years of production. Dre will be 44-years-old if this is released this year, for those keeping track at home.
Release Date: Early-mid 2009 (tentative)

Eminem. “Relapse”
-After rumors of retirement circled on the internet for years, Em’ will release his first solo LP in almost five years. With hip-hop going down the tubes day by day, “Relapse” should be just what the doctor ordered. Pun intended. (Dr. Dre will be producing the majority of the album.)
Release Date: Spring (tentative)

Green Day, currently untitled
-How do you follow-up 2004’s “American Idiot,” which sold 15 million copies worldwide and was nominated for seven grammys? Not sure if you can but Green Day will try. They are reportedly recording another rock opera with three acts to it.
Release Date: April (tentative)

Jay-Z, “The Blueprint 3”
-This album was rumored to be released in February but it’s January and I don’t hear any Jay-Z hit singles yet. Kanye West will be co-producing so hopefully it beats the beats that were on “808s & Heartbreak,” which was Kanye's disappointing album released last year.
Release Date: Early-mid 2009 (tentative)

Joe Budden: Padded Room
-Joey was able to resurrect his career with his critically acclaimed underground “Mood Muzik” mixtape three-part series. His supposed second album, “The Growth” never was able to climb out of development hell at Def Jam but it looks like the New Jersey rapper just needed a change of scenery. He signed with Amalgam Digital and his official second album is finally going to see store shelves six years after his first release.
Release Date: Feb. 24

Lupe Fiasco- LupE.N.D.
-Lupe Fiasco is pulling what all rappers pull after a few albums, the retirement card. Not that anyone should take that threat seriously but if he does retire, that would be too bad because Lupe is a breath of fresh air when hip hop badly needs it. LupE.N.D. is reportedly going to be a three-disc album titled “Everywhere,” “Nowhere,” and “Down here.”
Release Date: Unknown

My Chemical Romance, currently untitled
-My Chemical Romance, a band that originated in 2001 blew up in the mainstream in 2004 and made an even bigger dent on the billboard charts in 2006 after touring with Green Day and releasing their own rock opera, “The Black Parade.” With each of their albums getting better and better, I expect big things on their fourth effort.
Release Date: Unknown

Royce Da 5’9,” Street Hop
-Quite possibly the most underrated rapper/lyricist, Royce Da 5’9” is back with his first LP in four years. The Detroit rapper gained fame by rapping alongside Eminem in the late 90s while also ghostwriting for Diddy and Dr. Dre. In recent years he has set a buzz on the internet with his mixtape releases entitled “The Bar Exam 1 and 2.”
Release Date: March (tentative)

Taking Back Sunday, “New Again”
-One of the more dysfunctional bands of the past seven years, TBS has pretty much had a line-up change after every album, losing John Nolan to Straylight Run and Fred Mascherino to The Color Fred. The band brings in new guitarist and back-up singer, Matt Fazzi, who promises to bring a more classic rock sound to the band. If you want proof, TBS recently did a rendition of “I Want You” by The Beatles during “A Decade Under the Influence.” Youtube it.
Release Date: Spring (tentative)

Thursday, “Common Existence”
-This band has had its ups and downs jumping from independent record labels to major labels in the past 10 years. They now find themselves on Epiteth Records, an independent record label owned by Bad Religion's guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Their last offering, the 2005 “A City by the Light Divided,” is their best work in my opinion. Hopefully the trend can continue.
Release Date: Feb. 17

Nick’s biggest music surprise of 2009:
Blink-182 reunite

Check back later this week for a list of most anticipated movies of 2009.

- Nick Carrabine


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