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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy mackerel, what a stash!

Michael Rorrer and his family recently hit the jackpot and it had nothing to do with playing lucky lottery numbers.

The 31-year-old found a stash of old comic books in his great uncle's Virginia home after his death and the magnitude of that collection fetched the family millions.

Included in that stash were Action Comics No. 1 from 1938 and Detective Comics No. 27  from 1939. Anyone with interest in comic books knows the significance of these two issues. They're two of the most sought-after comic books in history, the holy grails of the industry.

Action Comics No. 1 marks the first appearance of Superman, while Detective Comics No. 27 introduced the world to Batman.

In early March, the collection brought in about $3.5 million at auction.

"The scope of this collection is, from a historian's perspective, dizzying," said comics publisher J.C. Vaughn in a published report.

Talk about a one-in-a-million find.

- Mark Podolski | @mpodo


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