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Friday, January 6, 2012

Watch What Happens Live -- 5 nights a week!

I've blogged a few times before (here, here, here, here, here, here and here) about my love for all things Bravo, but I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I love the live late-night show after the weekly drama with the Housewives.

"Watch What Happens Live" features the cable network's executive vice president of original programming and development, Andy Cohen, chatting with stars from Bravo's reality shows and beyond (the guests from the final show of 2011 were Lea Michele and Chris Colfer of "Glee"). The show includes recaps of what's aired that night, as well as what's happening around the world. Each episode features a drinking game (for those 21 and older, Andy stresses) as well as a game for the guests to play. Andy takes questions and comments from callers, emailers and Twitterers, and guests are often put on the spot (especially if they're involved in controversy on their reality shows). Essentially, it's a half hour of fun television after some often too dramatic drama of reality television. And beginning Sunday, the show will air FIVE NIGHTS A WEEK!

OK, maybe this won't be of interest to you at all if you don't watch anything on Bravo, and if you tune in without watching the shows, you might not understand a lot of the jokes or references. But (maybe I should be ashamed to admit) I am pretty excited about this news.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

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