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Monday, August 1, 2011

A 'Bee Movie' review

I finally caught an airing of "Bee Movie" - yes, nearly four years after the animated film hit theaters. If you are better at making it to the movies than I am, you already know that the movie is about a bee (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) who doesn't want to do a bee job. He meets a florist (voiced by Renee Zellweger), whom he befriends. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but it involves a lot of honey and the food industry, and a bee who wants one thing so badly until he realizes he never really wanted it.

My favorite thing about the movie was the incredible animation within the hive. The pollen-collecting, nectar-processing, honey-making footage was clever and complicated. I probably could have watched that for the entire 91 minutes - and almost wish that was an option. I didn't care as much for the big plot points that occurred out in our world. It's all predicated on the idea that bees can communicate by talking just like humans. Couldn't the writers have kept the problems inside the hive? Or is that too much like every other animated movie that anthropomorphizes its characters?

This is one of those movies that the kids will love and adults will like well enough to get through.

Watch a trailer here.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

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