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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get your updated pop culture dictionary

I was watching Rambo: First Blood Part II on AMC Tuesday night and the cable network added interesting and entertaining show notes throughout the film.

One of the first to pop up on screen is the fact the word "Rambo" is now officially a word in the dictionary.

Wait, what? Yes, believe it.

Open up a dictionary and (depending on how old your edition is) the word "Rambo" will be listed with a definition that reads:

Ram-bo (ram-boh) - noun. A fanatically militant or violently aggressive person.

God bless America.

I wonder if any other movie characters are in the dictionary. I hope there are, but instead of looking them up, I'll throw a few out that deserve a spot in Webster's with some made up, appropriate definitions. Here we go:

Vaughn (as in Rick, from Major League) - Incarceration or lack of control.

Lang (as in Clubber, from Rocky III) - Pity or pain.

Gekko (as in Gordon, from Wall Street) - Unrestrained greed.

McClane (as in John, from Die Hard) - Foul-mouthed, wise-cracking or no-nonsense cop.

Balboa (as in Rocky, from Rocky) - A Stallion of Italian descent.

Creed (as in Apollo, from  Rocky) - A master of disaster or king of sting.

LaRusso (as in Daniel, from The Karate Kid) - To wax on or wax off.

Vader (as in Darth, from Star Wars) - Dark or father.

Jones (as in Indiana, from Raiders of the Lost Ark) - Obtainer of rare antiquities.

Callahan (as in Harry, from Dirty Harry) - Obeyer of higher moral authority.

Riggs (as in Martin, from Lethal Weapon) - Loose cannon.

Don (as in Corleone, from The Godfather) - The act of not refusing.

- Mark Podolski


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