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Friday, February 4, 2011

Do you GetGlue?

You can check in to Heinen's on Foursquare or Facebook, but have you ever checked in to a TV show you were watching?

Well, now you can, with GetGlue. Capitalizing on the popular social media sites I mentioned above, this particular website allows users to check in to entertainment they enjoy. Instead of checking in to a movie theater where you're trying to catch up on this year's Oscar contenders, you can simply say you're watching that movie--no need to let anybody know where you're seeing "Black Swan" or "The King's Speech."

Listening to the leaked Bright Eyes album News-Herald staff writer Nick Carrabine blogged about? You can check in on GetGlue to see who else is listening, and see comments and reviews by other fans.

Users on GetGlue can check in to books, television shows, movies, video games or even topics they're thinking about. You can like artists, celebrities, sports teams or other random things (for example, I liked YouTube and rubik's cube). You can even dislike things (I've disliked LeBron).

GetGlue offers categories for you to like in order to build a taste profile for recommendations.

As you continue to like things, GetGlue offers helpful suggestions for other things to like.

Glue has suggested "We Are Marshall," "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and "The Rookie" because I liked "The Blind Side." Not so sure about that second one, folks--although it's probably because Sandra Bullock is in it.

As some users continue to like and revue things, they can become the "guru" of a topic--kind of like being a mayor in Foursquare--which allows them to offer suggestions to other users who like their topic.

I liked The Cure, and a music guru has suggested Robert Smith, Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Glove. I'm not terribly familiar with any of these artists, so it might be worth checking these out.

Users can sign up with Facebook or Twitter accounts and be automatically connected to friends on either platform who use GetGlue. When you subscribe to other users, you can see things they like or have checked in to and get recommendations for new things to read, watch or otherwise enjoy.

Fellow News-Herald staffer Dominic Anselmo has liked--and disliked--several things that I can check out for myself. Obviously our tastes in hockey teams do not match up. :)
As you progress through the site, you are awarded stickers for things like liking a lot of movies, or checking in to something after 3 a.m. You can even get a fist bump sticker for sharing common interests with other users. That one is a good way to find other people who like things you like, which could lead to discovering new and interesting entertainment suggestions. Once you get 20 stickers, you can even order them from GetGlue to receive physical copies of your stickers in the mail.

I have 11 stickers so far--only 9 more to go!
I joined GetGlue earlier this week, and so far I've found it an interesting way to see what some of my friends are reading or watching. So far it's brought some interesting suggestions--like those bands glue suggested for me--and I'm having fun collecting some more stickers.

GetGlue is available through the good, old-fashioned internet, and also has mobile apps for various platforms like smartphones or the iPad so you can check in to entertainment while on the go. There's also a browser toolbar available for download that lets you like things while on other entertainment websites. Watching the last episode of Glee on Hulu? You can check in to the show without navigating away.

Sound like something you'd like? Give it a try! Feel free to subscribe to me at DCapriato.

--Danielle Capriato



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