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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a difference a decade makes

For the longest time, two things annoyed me:

1. Listening to crappy music on the radio, with no control over the playlist.

2. Missing a favorite TV show.

That was then. Now, there are little worries for most of us when it comes to the music we want to listen to and our favorite TV shows and when we want to watch them. Which brings us to today's topic: The best gadgets of the past decade.

Hands down, it's the ipod and the DVR, in no particular order. Here's why:

The ipod: I can't remember the last time I listened to music on the radio, which is so refreshing. Irritating DJs, horrible songs, mindless talk radio and commercials are things of the past. Now, we have complete control over our playlist and podcasts on a gadget as compact as your wallet. Thank you Apple.

The DVR: Sorry corporate America, most of the American public doesn't care about your TV commercials, unless it's Super Bowl Sunday. The ability to watch a one-hour TV show in about 40 minutes is reason enough to love the DVR. There's also the super time-saver plan many of us have grown to love. Who doesn't appreciate watching three or four TV shows in one sitting?

- Mark Podolski


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