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Friday, November 27, 2009

Best movies of the decade: 25-1

"Tuned Into Pop Culture" guest contributor Nick Carrabine is a News-Herald staff writer.

25. The Weather Man (2005) - Definitely in the minority with this movie but I find it hilarious, even if I’m still not sure if it’s meant to be. Nicholas Cage plays a weather man who is separated from his wife and children and is not liked by anyone. It’s a movie for people who have a very dark sense of humor.

24. Old School (2003) - Three middle-aged men/losers trying to start a fraternity house? C’mon, one of the funniest movies of all time. Hands down.

23. Zodiac (2007) - Long movie but worth it about a cartoonist who becomes obsessed with solving the case of the Zodiac Killer. Great performances from Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.

22. Collateral (2004) - Not a big fan of Jamie Foxx or Tom Cruise but they put on a great acting display as Cruise plays a hitman who holds Foxx, a taxi driver, hostage all night while Cruise travels to five different stops to make his kills. They are surprised to find out how similar they are to each other.

21. Little Miss Sunshine (2006) - Was surprised as to how much I really liked this movie about a dysfunctional family driving across the country to enroll their daughter into a beauty pageant.

20. Borat (2007) - Huge fan of Da Ali G show, where Borat was always my favorite character, and this movie is 10 x funnier than the show.

19. Match Point (2005) This Woody Allen film centering around a love-triangle that turns tragic literally kept me on the edge of my seat for much of the two hour runtime.

18. Stranger Than Fiction (2006) -Yes, a Will Ferrell movie cracked my top 20 because in Stranger Than Fiction, he proves he can actually act.

17. The Wrestler (2008) - Mickey Rourke is fantastic as a washed up wrestler trying to re-establish his career and re-kindle his relationship with his daughter who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

16. Reign Over Me (2007) - Yes, an Adam Sandler movie cracked my to 20. Again, thanks to solid acting from Don Cheadle (as well as Sandler) and a story line that revolves around 9/11, this makes for one of the more emotional movies of the decade that had tears rolling down my cheek not once, but in three different scenes. Yeah, I said it.

15. 28 Days Later (2002) - I hated this movie the first time I saw it but since then has become one of my favorite horror films of all time. It’s about A London man waking up from a coma and realizes he is one of the last humans left on earth.

14. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) - One of the better stories about revenge. After a man is falsely imprisoned, he escapes years later to plot revenge against those who betrayed him.

13. The Dark Knight (2008) - Christopher Nolan creates by far the best super-hero movie ever by turning the Batman series into a completely dark mystery thriller.

12. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) - The story of Robert Ford who idolizes Jesse James, but grows to hate him and does anything he can to be in James’ position by any means. Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck are rock solid in this long, but fascinating film.

11. Mystic River (2003) -Soild acting and great writing and directing. Rather depressing story about three friends reuniting following the death of one of their daughters.

10. No County for Old Men (2007) - One of the most suspenseful films I’ve ever seen and is by far my favorite Coen Brothers movie, and that is saying something coming from the brothers who brought us The Big Lebowski. Fargo, Blood Simple, Millers Crossing and some other great movies.

9. Crash (2004) - I instantly fell in love with this movie about race, stereotypes and the interacting stories between various couples who battle prejudice on a day to day basis.

8. El maquinista (The Machinist) (2004) - Another movie about guilt, doubt and the perception of reality. Bale loses the pounds then loses his mind.

7. Lord of War (2005) - A film about a arms dealer questioning the morality of his profession all while trying to sustain his relationships with his family and dodge the federal agents who are after him.

6. In Bruges (2008) - This film is like no other movie that I’ve seen in recent memory. Two hit men are holed up in Bruges, Belguim after a job gone wrong. One hates the city, the other falls vastly in love with it. They are told to stay there until orders come in from their boss but they become easily distracted. This dark comedy-drama comes to an earth-shattering climax.

5. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
(2007) - The story of two brothers strapped for cash and their plan to rob their own parent’s jewelry store backfires tremendously. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke are great in this Sidney Lumet film.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Perhaps the most creative film of the decade about a couple who undergoes a brain procedure to erase each other from their memories but fall in love again following the procedure. Jim Carrey puts on a criminally underrated performance in this overlooked drama.

3. The Prestige (2006) - Another Nolan film about a rivalry between two magicians who will do absolutely anything to outperform each other. Phenomenal performances from Bale, Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine.

2. The Departed (2006) - Yes, the ending is a bit absurd but the two hours that live up to that may be the most entertaining, well-acted two hours of cinema this decade leading up to the extremely quick conclusion.

1. Memento (2000) - This isn’t even a question for me. My favorite movie of all time. Another Nolan directed film about a man suffering from short-term memory loss who uses notes and tattoos to search for the man who he thinks raped and murdered his wife. One of the most confusing movies you’ll see but is always a great topic of debate.


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