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Thursday, June 20, 2013

'Man of Steel:' About that scene with Superman near the end ...

Big-time spoilers ahead ...

I've read a lot about fans being upset over Superman killing General Zod near the end of "Man of Steel."

I knew about Superman's morals -- killing goes against everything he believes in and stands for. But I'm not a comic-book reader, so I wasn't aware of the historical context of using lethal force.

What I was aware of was the amount of destruction and collateral damage incurred by the time Superman and Zod reached that point in their fight. They hit, tackle and throw each other into and through buildings while Metropolis crumbles around them.

The fight goes on for so long that I began wondering how many innocent citizens died or were seriously injured because they were in the path. Add in all the buildings collapsing from the space ship trying to turn Earth into Krypton, and a conservative estimate would be tens of thousands.

When the battle reached the climax, instead of being emotionally torn over Superman's decision to kill, all the other explosions left me desensitized to his dilemma. Where was his conscience during the rest of the fight?

Zod's death led to a jarring transition in which Metropolis is apparently back to normal and Clark Kent is hired at the Daily Planet. Metropolis must have been rebuilt pretty quickly.

If and when there is a sequel, I hope someone brings up how Superman nearly destroyed Metropolis in order to defeat Zod. Maybe Lex Luthor will. His tanker trucks didn't fare well.

- Howard Primer


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