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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weak box office weekend lets conservative documentary break into Top 10

Déjà vu much? This list may seem a bit similar to last week's list, and it is. The top four films repeat, albeit making about half as much money, in the top spots and then the new movies ("Premium Rush" and "Hit & Run") kind of slip in there at the end, along with another newcomer, "2016: Obama's America." 

I never even heard of this one and here it is breaking into a very weak Top 10. It is a conservative documentary is a critique of what the country would look like four years from now if President Barack Obama is re-elected. It's not likely to make my to-watch list (I prefer my thought-provoking pieces to be more balanced), but it's nice to see a documentary break into the Top 10.

From the Associated Press
Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Where available, latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. “The Expendables 2,” $13.5 million ($18.5 million international). (Review by The AP's Justin Lowe: 'Expendables 2' provides crucial end-of-summer action)
2. “The Bourne Legacy,” $9.3 million ($9.4 million international). (Review by The News-Herald's Mark Meszoros: 'Bourne Legacy' solid, but feels like it’s keeping things warm for Damon)
3. “ParaNorman,” $8.5 million. (Review by The AP's Jake Coyle: Weak writing trumps powerful puppetry in 'ParaNorman')
4. “The Campaign,” $7.4 million. (Review by the AP's Michael Rechtshaffen: 'The Campaign' is flimsy political satire)
5. “The Dark Knight Rises,” $7.2 million ($15.3 million international). (Review by Meszoros: 'Dark Knight Rises' overly ambitious, but Batman end is satisfying)
6. “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” $7.1 million. (Review by David Germain: 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' fails to inspire)
7. “Premium Rush,” $6.3 million. (Review by the AP's Coyle: Michael Shannon rides away with ‘Premium Rush’)
8. “2016: Obama’s America,” $6.2 million.
9. “Hope Springs,” $6 million. (Review by the AP's Christy Lemire: Streep, Jones give 'Hope Springs' real punch)
10. “Hit & Run,” $4.7 million. (Review by the AP's Germain: ‘Hit & Run’ proves fuel-injected fun)

— Nicole Franz | | @FranzOrFoe

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