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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bayside: Phenomenal talent, horrible marketing?

By Nick Carrabine

Bayside, one of my top five favorite bands of the past decade, have released their new single to their upcoming fifth studio album, Killing Time.

“Already Gone” is absolutely incredible but the only problem is, they released it four months before the album is to be released.

Four months? Really?

In this age of the pitiful music industry, today’s hit is next week’s old news. The industry is hashing out singles left and right from awful bands in an attempt to keep them relevant. Releasing a single four months before the release of an album is suicidal.

For one, in one month, most people (not the die-hards) will forget about it. The reason bands even release singles in the first place is to generate buzz surrounding the release date of an album, you’re not doing yourself any favors by releasing a killer single and then fans can’t do anything about it for another four months.

Two, Killing Time is only a 10 song album, so even if they release a few more singles, then you have the problem of everyone already hearing half the album. Then people simply won’t buy the album, (besides the die-hards, oh, no wait. That was a joke, people don’t buy albums anymore...) and there won't be as much anticipation or mystery to the album.

This is first go-around for Bayside being on a major record label, so maybe they have a better plan in place for them, but seeing as how major record labels have become a joke, I’d lean on them not.

Anyway, below is the first single “Already Gone” and surely, by the time Killing Time is released, the buzz surrounding the single will be long gone.


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