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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More OK Go, less Snooki

Maybe you remember when MTV used to play music videos. That's a fuzzy memory for me. I remember a lot of Skee Lo's "I Wish" and Warren G's "Regulate". Now MTV has moved far, far from its moniker and quality programming to cheap reality shows and a whole lot of tanning oil. I'm looking at you, "Jersey Shore".

I bring this up because of John Benson's feature on OK Go from Monday's News-Herald. If you haven't heard of OK Go, you probably will recognize them from that music video with the treadmills (they've disabled embedding for the video, so I REALLY recommend you click that link to watch it if you haven't). Entertainment Editor Mark Meszoros picked the band's video for "This Too Shall Pass" to add to the bottom of the story on Like "Here We Go Again" (with the treadmills), the video was shot in one take. And like "Here We Go Again," the video is awesome. It utilizes the biggest Rube Goldberg machine I've ever seen and is awesome. Did I mention it is awesome?

See for yourself:

A couple weeks ago I had seen another OK Go video that, like "Here We Go Again" and "This Too Shall Pass," was shot in one take and is awesome. And it includes some talented furry friends:

I wish MTV showed more of these videos and fewer spray tans. Musicians exercise their creativity on videos that go viral on YouTube but rarely make it to the boob tube. Fortunately we have YouTube to view and share videos from OK Go or about funny animals or on news we're far away from. How unfortunate that the public is so entertained by Snooki that MTV is getting more advertising revenue from her drunken mishaps than it could get from good music visualized in a fascinating way.

If you liked the above videos, take a look around the YouTube page for OK Go, where you can check out more of their great work.

-- Cheryl Sadler

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