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Monday, June 22, 2009

Indy 5 "progressing"

The world's most famous archeologist is apparently ready for another adventure.

Whether or not Indiana Jones is the main character slated for the rumored next film is another matter.

Last week, Shia LaBeouf said in a published report Indy 5 is in the works. Then, film series producer Frank Marshall confirmed LaBouf's comments by posting on Twitter, "The Indy5 story is progressing. It is still in the research phase."

Rumors are rampant Harrison Ford will return as Indy, but only as a secondary character while LaBeouf will return as "Mutt Williams" and take on the lead role. If that's the case, that will be a major disappointment for this Indy fan.

Indy creator George Lucas recently said he has no problems with Ford's age, 65, and reprising his famous role. If that's the case, let Ford take on the lead role as Indy one final time.

Then, let another actor take the reins and continue the franchise. It would be time. Countless actors have played James Bond and the franchise hasn't missed a beat. If Lucas is concerned about moviegoers not buying into anyone but Ford playing Indy, he shouldn't.

Provide an exciting adventure with a clever storyline and put Indiana Jones in the title and people will go. Harrison Ford in "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was sentimental for all, considering it had been so long since he reprised the role. It was a lackluster performance by him, however, mostly because the story was weak. Putting LaBeouf in the starring role with Indy as a secondary character would be a huge mistake. Indiana Jones is in the title for a reason.

Then again, it's difficult to argue decisions that produced a movie - "Crystal Skull" - that made over $700 million, which is most likely the No. 1 reason Indy 5 will be made in the first place.

- Mark Podolski


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