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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Just the Joker" highlights Heath Ledger's talents

Saw this video, "The Dark Knight - Just the Joker," on Boing Boing showing just Heath Ledger's shots as the Joker from "The Dark Knight" and immediately had to watch it (several times). 

Ten-plus minutes of Heath Ledger's best performance ever? Yes, please.

I was a Heath Ledger fan dating back to "10 Things I Hate About You," and it wasn't just because he was incredibly attractive. He was always compelling to watch, and it seems hard to believe he's been dead for more than four years.

I'm sure I'll be watching "The Dark Knight" in the weeks leading up to "The Dark Knight Rises" opening on July 20 — and Ledger's rollicking performance keeps the two-and-a-half hour film from dragging. 

Here's hoping the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy has something similarly fantastic to make it worthy of repeat viewings, too.

-- Nicole Franz | | @FranzOrFoe

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