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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sly Stallone crosses over and kudos to the boxing hall of fame

By Mark Podolski

Sorry Gene Hackman, the actor who portrayed Norman Dale in "Hoosiers." You'll never be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Same goes for Dennis Quaid ("The Rookie"), Sean Astin ("Rudy"), Robert Redford ("The Natural") and others.

Only one actor deserves a crossover from pop culture icon to pro sports hall of famer: the one and only Sylvester Stallone.

On Tuesday, Stallone was announced as an inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum for his work on the big screen as Rocky Balboa. He was awarded the "Lifetime Cinematic Achievement in Boxing Award."

What an honor, and deservedly so. The Rocky character is arguably more popular than his real-life counterpart that's also part of this hall of fame class, that being Iron Mike Tyson.

It all started in 1976, when "Rocky" won the Oscar for best picture and spawned five sequels, including the last, 2006's "Rocky Balboa."

Why do we love the Rocky movies? The music, the character, but mostly because he inspires and allows us to believe. The boxing hall of fame should be commended for Stallone's inclusion.

When you think of boxing, you think of Rocky. Yeah, and that song. So here you go.


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