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Friday, May 7, 2010

Patrick Dempsey in Transformers 3

McDreamy meets the Transformers. It's coming soon to a movie theatre near you.

Patrick Dempsey, star of ABC's hit show Gray's Anatomy, has been confirmed for Michael Bay's third installment of the Transformers' series, Entertainment Weekly reported on its Web site.

Dempsey will play Megan's Fox's boss in a significant role to the plot, reported. The film's plot isn't known, and shooting begins this month in the U.S., Africa, Moscow and China. It will be released next summer.

APES SEQUEL CONFIRMED: Twentieth Century Fox announced it will make "Rise of the Apes" an origin story to "Planet of the Apes."

The release date is June 24, 2011. The studio plans to take advantage of the ground-breaking technology used in "Avatar" to create its apes.

The story is set in San Francisco, where experiments on apes leads to a battle of supremacy.

LOST FINALE GETS LONGER: May 23rd is set up to be a Lost night on ABC.

There won't be time for much else, literally. Several Web sites are reporting the May 23rd series finale, originally scheduled for two hours, will now be two-and-half-hours.

Here's the lineup: A Lost retrospective from 7 to 9 p.m.; the series finale from 9 to 11:30 p.m.; then a Lost special Jimmy Kimmel Live! to follow.

Some where in there, WEWS might make room for your local news.

- Mark Podolski


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