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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hand it to Letterman

Just when you thought the you-know-what was about to hit the fan for "Late Show" host David Letterman, all seems well in TV land.

How did this happen?

By poking fun at himself. It didn't hurt either that he posed on last week's "Entertaintment Weekly" cover without his pants.

It helps Letterman is a comedian, but taking matters into his own hands when news of the scandal became public was the best - and only way - to get back the good graces of his wife, family, friends and his viewing audience.

If you haven't heard, Letterman was reportedly the target of a blackmail attempt by a CBS producer who threatened to expose the talk show host's alleged affairs with women who worked on his show. The producer allegedly wanted $2 million from Letterman, who reported the threat to the New York district attorney.

It was a messy situation that would have gotten even messier had Letterman not responded. Shortly after, he went on air to confess his workplace affairs and offer an apology to his wife.

By staying ahead of the controversy, Letterman has deflected it. It might soon go away, although reports say "Late Show" production company, Worldwide Pants, might conduct an investigation into Letterman. It might not be over just yet for Letterman.

If it is the end, a sincere apology and picture without his pants seems to have done the trick. Who would have thought that?

- Mark Podolski

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